Lukas Kurz

Musician | Songwriter | Sound Engineer


Just a little list of people that I worked with and/or admire for what they do. Share the love and be sure to check them out.

Baby Smith – band

Beatmensch5000 – musician, producer

Joy Bogat – musician

Setenay Bursali – graphic designer

Birk Buttchereyt – guitarist, producer

Crow Baby – band

Fake Studios – music videos

The Ellis Court – band

Sabine Findeisen – photographer

Joules The Fox – musician

Jacco Herhaus – bassist, producer

Leon Kaack – guitarist, producer

Benjamin Kurz – FoH engineer

Jakob Lebsanft – musician, producer

ListenCollective – record label

Steve Oelmann – costume designer

Clara Philippzig – graphic designer

Miriam Schliehe – costume designer

Patrick Slesiona – photographer

Tiflis Transit – band

Tom Taschenmesser – band

Thi Thuy Nhi Tran – photographer

Philipp Welsing – mastering engineer

Ricardo Wiesinger – photographer

Wein&Haschisch – band

WEZN – band

Yunus – musician